Giving back to the community has always been one of My basic agenda as a professional Artist and an Instructor.

Following the same lines, upon many requests from the Art fraternity, I started off with brief workshops in Hyderabad, where I am based out of, about what I specialise in I.e, Caricature illustrations. I’ve begun hosting workshops in collaboration with various co-working spaces in Hyderabad with full house attendance in almost every workshop I’ve hosted. With consistent support and interest from audience, I started hosting workshops in Chennai (IIT-madras), Bengaluru and working My way through the rest of the major cities in India. The primary intention behind My workshops has always been about increasing the awareness in the youngsters about the possibilities of taking art as a mainstream profession in India and eventually create a progression at How aspiring, hobby artists and non-art people would develop a good reception for Fine Arts.

This is where I am going to keep you all posted with updates about My schedules regarding future workshops and possible Art Classes and where they are going to be!

Upcoming Art Workshops

Hyderabad Art Workshop
2nd December, 2018

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Pondicherry Art Workshop
8th December, 2018

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Chennai Art Workshop
9th December, 2018

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Kochin Art Workshop
16th December, 2018

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